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I enjoy writing about subjects I feel I can contribute original material to. Rather than having one generic blog, I have seperate subject specific blogs.


Tips and tricks picked up by a Uniface developer over the years

I started this blog because I felt that there wasn't enough of a Uniface developer community, and I wanted to try and make available some of the things I'd had to figure out myself the hard way.

Wear 360

Learning the joys of Android Wear, with a Moto 360 slant

This blog started when I got my first smartwatch, and I was so excited, I wanted to document my journey of discovery. I've ended up creating quite a few watch faces myself, as well as finding useful apps and other stuff.

Rik Lewis

Certified Geek. Specialising in Uniface, PHP and javascript/jQuery.

This blog is my latest and greatest (possibly). It aims to document the creation of this site, and things I learn along the way. Hopefully some of it will be useful to someone else too.