Courses now available on Udemy

So far I have created two online courses, both available on Skillshare.  Well now they are both available on Udemy as well!

Optimising your website: A development workflow with Git and Gulp

This course will teach you how to optimise your website, by using a modern development workflow which includes Git and Gulp. I’ll talk you through installing the relevant components, and using them to improve the speed and efficiency of your website, based on the sample website provided.  The same website can be downloaded from my Github account – all details are given at the start of the course.

Check out the course on Skillshare or Udemy.

Setting up Cloudflare for website security and performance

You’ll need your own website, which you have access to the domain configuration so that you can change the nameservers. As long as you have this, you can follow along the whole course, step by step, with your own website.  You’ll learn how to improve both the security and performance of your website using the Cloudflare service.

Check out the course on Skillshare or Udemy.


WordPress 403 Forbidden errors

The WordPress login page of one of the sites that I maintain was struck by the dreaded “Forbidden” error message earlier today.  I thought it was odd, because I knew I hadn’t changed anything. So after Googling about a bit, I came up with 3 consistent suggestions for what could be the problem. Folder/file permissions For…

Adding security.txt

Earlier in the year I wrote about adding humans.txt, a simple text file which can be used to list the humans involved in building the website.  I also use my file to list tools and services that have I have to build and run my website. There is also a reasonably new initiative out there to add…