SEO is dead

Ok ok, so it’s not exactly dead… or is it?  No, it’s not.  Well, depends on what you really mean, I guess.

Search Engine Optimisation has always been big business, ever since there were search engines.  And ever since then, people have been saying that SEO has been dead.

For me, SEO is an evolution, one which is constantly changing.  However, it is clear that the kind of SEO services that a lot of people are selling really haven’t changed at all.  So if the first things they start talking to you about is keywords, think twice.

Here are my list of the most important general SEO optimisations you can make:

  1. Secure – Google has made it clear that they boost the rankings of secure websites, served over HTTPS (since 2014).
  2. Responsive – Google has also stated that they boost the rankings of mobile friendly websites, including those which are responsive (since 2016).
  3. Fast – Google has been using page speed as a ranking factor since 2010, but they have announced their “Speed Update” in which they will boost the rankings of fast mobile websites in mobile search results – this will go live in July 2018.

So, if you have these things, your website will be listed higher.  And that’s the goal, right?  If you don’t, why not contact me to see how I can help.

Obviously, you still need to have great content too! 🙂


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