Setting up Cloudflare for website security and performance

I’ve written about Cloudflare a few times before, and always positively, because it’s a great service and you can get so much of it for free (can’t beat that price!).  I’ve even gone into a little detail on how I went HTTPS with Cloudflare on my WCG Online project.

This time I’ve gone one step further and put together a full 1 hour 36 minute Skillshare course on the subject… Setting up Cloudflare for website security and performance

It walks you through the whole process, step by step.  Please go and check it out, and let me know what you think.

This is my second Skillshare course, after my first one Optimising your website: A development workflow with Git and Gulp, and I hope there’ll be many more to come.

Adding security.txt

Earlier in the year I wrote about adding humans.txt, a simple text file which can be used to list the humans involved in building the website.  I also use my file to list tools and services that have I have to build and run my website. There is also a reasonably new initiative out there to add…

Git aliases

Taking a slight sidebar from my current blog series entitled Getting going with Heroku and PHP (part 1) (and part 2), I’ve discussed that the commands that I am now using to push updates are as follows… gulp git add . git commit -m “A useful commit message” git push git subtree push –prefix build heroku master This…